Airline passengers are positive about BYOD

Lufthansa Systems' BoardConnect
Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect

Airline passengers generally like the idea of ditching seat-back onboard video screens and instead wirelessly streaming movies and TV shows to their own portable devices, such as laptops and iPads, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

The feature is based on the latest research from Osurv and its report, “Airline Passengers Receptive to BYOD Future”.

But passengers also expect some kind of compensation, such as more free entertainment or lower ticket prices, from airlines which will save money by eliminating the screens aboard their aircraft.

The study found the US airline industry’s trend toward BYOD – bring your own device – video entertainment delivered wirelessly is “its most significant cost-cutting campaign since tacking on fees for checked baggage and inflight meals.”

Airlines like United Airlines and Southwest Airlines offer streaming content on some flights.

Read the whole feature on Chicago Tribune.


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