India’s Vistara signs SITA for communication and networks

Boeing 767 cockpit.
A Boeing 767 cockpit.

Vistara, India’s newest airline, has signed an agreement with SITA, for aircraft communications, airline operations and network connectivity.

The agreement includes SITA’s air-to-ground airline operations and datalink service, flight briefing services to help plan routes that can reduce operational costs, and a comprehensive network solution connecting Vistara’s ground operations for critical passenger services.

Phee Teik Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer of TATA SIA Airlines Limited (known by the brand name Vistara), said: “We are pushing the boundaries of air travel to deliver exceptional service to our customers, including the very best on-time performance.

“To achieve this, we need a network infrastructure that’s cost-effective, resilient, easily deployable and scalable, and SITA offers all of this. SITA has designed a comprehensive network solution to fit our specific requirements against a very ambitious rollout schedule.”

Vistara will use SITA’s integrated suite of aircraft communications and airline operations services to effectively manage air-to-ground communications among the flight crew, airline operations and air traffic controllers.

SITA’s VHF network, the largest in India, will provide the connectivity for these services.

The airline will also use SITA’s global IP Network to connect its back offices, ticketing desks and check-in counters at an initial 10 airports across India with its passenger services system, based in Germany.

The scalable network has been designed to support Vistara’s future expansion in India. In addition, Vistara has subscribed to SITA’s Type B messaging service for critical air transport industry operational messages.

Vistara is SITA’s first Flight Briefing customer in India. SITA Flight Briefing will provide the airline with computerized flight plans and data such as inflight weather updates and airport information so they can plan routes that reduce operational costs, improve on-time performance, and facilitate safer and smoother flights by avoiding major weather events.

SITA has a presence in 42 airports across India and connects 38 airports through its hub infrastructure at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

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