Virgin Atlantic connects customers on 787 Dreamliner

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
A Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The first Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner will take to the skies from London Heathrow to Boston on 26 October with the latest inflight connectivity on board.

Virgin Atlantic has teamed up with Panasonic and T-Mobile to offer all customers eXConnect Ku-band WiFi connectivity onboard the new aircraft.

Whether on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, customers can connect their devices to the wireless onboard internet with just a few clicks.

The cost of the internet access is £14.99 for the duration of the flight.

However, customers can browse destination and aircraft information, “Retail Therapy” and further Virgin Atlantic services free of charge. And with power available to every seat throughout the 787 customers don’t need to worry about their batteries and can work or play throughout their journey.

The 787 Dreamliner also sees Virgin Atlantic role out its Vera Touch 2 in-flight entertainment system throughout all cabins, boasting more than 400 hours of on demand award-winning entertainment.

Virgin Atlantic is also introducing the ultimate #SkyhighSelfie, which offers customers the opportunity to update Facebook free of charge from the air.

Developed in conjunction with Wavealot, this bespoke application will allow customers to check in on Facebook and share their location with their friends and followers mid-flight. The app will allow one check-in per person and customers can purchase WiFi access to continue the conversation.

Virgin Atlantic is also developing certain #SkyhighSelfie spots in the cabin to offer customers the chance to take the perfect selfie onboard and share their experience. The app will also act as a mile-high discussion forum where customers on the flight can chat and spark debate in the air.

Dave Bulman, Virgin Atlantic’s Director of Technology, said: “The 787 is a revolutionary aircraft and new technology allows it to perform more efficiently than any other aircraft of its size.

“We recognise that technology is an extremely important part of a customer’s journey, whether they are flying for business or pleasure, and this aircraft has given us a fantastic opportunity to look at what we can offer our customers onboard.”

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