MEBA2014: Satcom Direct Router to support SBB aggregation

Satcom Direct's SDR router
Satcom Direct’s SDR router

The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) has been enhanced to allow up to 4x faster data rates when used with supported Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) terminals.

The channel aggregation enhancement has been developed in partnership with Paris-based Eclipse.

Becoming available in quarter one 2015, the SDR will support the ability to bond and aggregate multiple Inmarsat SBB streaming connections, allowing customers to achieve up to 1.6Mbps throughput.

Customers will also have the additional benefits of acceleration, compression and caching that the SDR brings to the market.

The SDR will also support Inmarsat’s new High Data Rate (HDR) streaming services when they become available.

Chris Moore, chief commercial officer, Satcom Direct International, said: “The SDR allows passengers to use their laptops, tablets and smart phones onboard their aircraft.

“With the new enhancements, higher data rate applications like video conferences and streaming video become available globally for our customers using SBB.”

SBB bonding and aggregation allows customers to combine multiple streaming channels to achieve higher data rates for real time communications applications.

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