Gogo Vision now on more than 1700 commercial aircraft

Gogo Business Aviation's Andrew Geist SVP, Sales.
Gogo Business Aviation’s Andrew Geist SVP, Sales.

Gogo says its Gogo Vision streaming wireless in-flight entertainment product is now installed on more than 1,700 commercial aircraft across six major airlines.

It also continues to roll out in the business aviation market.

Today, more than half of the aircraft flying around the world with wireless in-flight entertainment are equipped with the Gogo Vision product.

Gogo Vision allows passengers to rent movies and television shows on their own Wi-Fi enabled laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The company currently licensed more than 200 movies and close to 200 television shows from most of the major Hollywood studios.

Most content is in the DVD release window, but Gogo is the first provider of wireless in-flight entertainment with some content in the early release window.

Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Gogo’s wireless in-flight entertainment product has become a popular way for airlines to deliver content to passengers because it’s lightweight, inexpensive and easier to maintain when compared to seat-back solutions.

“We also now have the ability to install the Gogo vision product on aircraft with or without our connectivity product.”

Gogo Vision uses Gogo’s onboard equipment to deliver the content. The content is pre-loaded and stored on a server on the plane and delivered through wireless access points.

Gogo Vision can also be offered to an airline with or without Gogo’s connectivity product.

Gogo also has deployed a seat selection technology that allows an airline to serve up content based on where a passenger sits on a plane.

“We know that the vast majority of passengers are carrying their own Wi-Fi enabled device on a plane, this technology leverages that trend,” added ElDifrawi.

“As we continue to develop the capabilities of our seat selection technologies, we expect to eventually be able to distribute entertainment customised to the preferences of each passenger on the plane, which will essentially enable our airline partners to offer a customisable experience at the seat level.”

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