SITA OnAir formed to leverage the connected aircraft

Ian Dawkins, OnAir CEO.
Ian Dawkins, SITA OnAir CEO.

SITA and OnAir have launched a new company – SITA OnAir – to help airlines realise the full potential of the connected aircraft.

SITA OnAir brings together the companies’ knowledge in a range of areas of expertise including ground and inflight connectivity, cockpit data services and air traffic management solutions, aircraft communications and infrastructure solutions, as well as application development for both passengers and crew.

It blends SITA’s knowledge of airline communications and IT, and OnAir’s expertise in supplying in-flight connectivity.

Francesco Violante, CEO of SITA, said: “The connected aircraft will transform both the passenger and crew experience while improving airlines’ operational efficiency.

“It’s a win-win for passengers and airlines, connecting people throughout their whole journey, increasing revenue by encouraging more people to fly, and reducing costs by improving turnaround times and on-time performance.

“We are using the respective strengths of SITA OnAir to create powerful solutions for the entire airline industry.”

“The connected aircraft is nothing unless it is fully integrated into an airline’s IT infrastructure, which is a highly complicated undertaking,” added Violante. “SITA has supplied IT solutions to airlines for over 65 years, in particular integrating new technologies into complex IT systems.”

SITA OnAir is already a leading supplier in the connected aircraft market with nearly 400 airline customers operating more than 14,000 aircraft.

The new company has 265 staff worldwide and is headed by Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir since 2010.

“The connected aircraft is probably the most important development in aviation IT in a generation,” said Dawkins. “We are the only supplier with the range of expertise to make it a viable reality.”

Further details about SITA OnAir will be announced in the second quarter of 2015. The company is headquartered in Geneva, with offices in London, Montreal, Atlanta and Singapore.

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