United Airlines launches Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on regional jets

Gogo logoUnited Airlines has launched inflight Wi-Fi on the first of its United Express regional aircraft, enabling more customers to stay connected during their journeys.

The airline will outfit more than 200 Embraer E175, E170 and Bombardier CRJ700 regional jets with Gogo’s ATG-4 advanced air-to-ground Wi-Fi product.

United expects to complete installation on nearly all these aircraft by mid-2015.

The company will also begin providing entertainment on passengers’ personal electronic devices (PEDs) on regional jets this year, offering customers hundreds of complimentary movies and television shows to view on their Wi-Fi-enabled iOS and Android devices using United’s mobile app, as well as on laptop computers.

Tom O’Toole, United’s senior vice president of marketing and loyalty and president of MileagePlus, said: “Expanding in-flight connectivity and personal device programming aligns the customer experience on our regional jets with our mainline aircraft and will enable many more of our customers to enjoy internet access and streaming entertainment on their personal devices when traveling with us.”

United’s regional jet installations begin as the airline continues to outfit its mainline fleet with Wi-Fi, which the carrier currently offers on nearly three-quarters of its domestic mainline fleet.

United also operates more international aircraft with Wi-Fi than any other U.S. airline.

The company has installed personal device entertainment on nearly 200 mainline aircraft, including its entire Boeing 747, Airbus A319 and A320 fleets and its nine Boeing 777 aircraft that fly primarily between the continental United States and Hawaii.

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