Lufthansa to roll out connectivity across long-haul fleet

A Lufthansa A320
A Lufthansa A320

Lufthansa is to enhance its passengers’ travel experience this year with a range of initiatives, including the roll-out of FlyNet inflight connectivity across its entire long-haul network.

That was the message from Jens Bischof, Lufthansa’s Marketing and Sales and Chief Commercial Officer, at a press conference at the ITB in Berlin.

FlyNet is being installed as part of a cabin conversion, and will be available on all long-haul flights in future.

The FlyNet service provides broadband internet access via an on-board Wi-Fi network. In addition, there is on-board access to the FlyNet online portal that has the latest news and the Sport24 live TV channel, which broadcasts major sporting events live.

Passengers wishing to work or to surf the internet above the clouds, for example, can now go online while on the move with FlyNet.

FlyNet uses Panasonic Avionics’ Ku-band network as its backbone with service provider Deutsche Telekom. Cost range from €9.00 for one hour to €17.00 for a full flight.

Jens Bischof added: “We are very close to completing our retrofit programme. Our guests are already enjoying the modern cabin interiors with our latest seats in every travel class on most of our long-haul flights, and the feedback is extremely positive. As far as customers are concerned, Lufthansa is back at the top.”

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