AIX2015: Kymeta to develop small antenna for Inmarsat GX

Kymeta’s mTenna flat panel antenna.
Kymeta’s mTenna flat panel antenna.

Honeywell Aerospace, Inmarsat and Kymeta are to work together to design, create and test a new, higher-speed Ka-Band wireless antenna for business and commercial aircraft.

The smaller and more compact design will allow the antenna to be installed on a wider variety of aircraft, including smaller business aviation aircraft.

The flat-panel design is lighter and will reduce weight and drag on the aircraft, in turn reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Kymeta is best known for its innovative beam-forming meta material antennas. The antenna does away with the traditional parabolic dish or phased array and replaces it with a flat panel made of meta-materials.

These are man-made materials that defy conventional wisdom as to how radio waves behave when moving from one medium to another.

“Get Connected” took a closer look at how Kymeta’s meta material antenna works in an earlier feature

Jack Jacobs, vice president of Marketing and Product Management at Honeywell Aerospace, said: “Having Kymeta and Inmarsat aligned with us ensures we stay forward-looking with new antenna technology that will be more efficient and compact, providing customers with even faster global in-flight connectivity.”

Kymeta will deliver its mTenna™ antenna products to Honeywell, which will be responsible for testing and integrating the antenna into its JetWave aviation product line – the family of satellite communications hardware that exclusively supports Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service.

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