Malaysia Airlines launch customer for SITA OnAir FlightTracker

Earth as seen from spaceMalaysia Airlines will be the first carrier to implement global flight tracking using SITA OnAir’s AIRCOM FlightTracker, starting this summer.

The SITA AIRCOM Server FlightTracker solution enables airlines to track aircraft movement by merging data from SITA’s airline dispatcher centre system and airline operations centre system (AIRCOM) server, with Future Air Navigation System (FANS) ground applications.

It can combine ADS-B, ACARS and ANSP data to provide the tracking data.

In addition, AIRCOM FlightTracker enables the airline to proactively obtain ADS-C tracking data immediately when it detects a gap in data from other sources. It can also obtain one-off position reports from the Flight Management computers on short-haul aircraft that do not have FANS data link avionics.

“Real-time aircraft tracking helps optimise flight operations and air traffic control, as well as providing safety and security,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO, SITA OnAir.

“Our solution uses existing technologies – satellites, air-to-ground and ANSP data. The FANS system is already installed on many aircraft, so the solution does not call for extensive additional cost or investment by the airlines.

“If an aircraft deviates from its flight plan or doesn’t report, an alert can be triggered. It guarantees 15-minute update intervals or it can even be shorter if required,” Dawkins added.

“We can have the system up and running within five working days and no hardware is required on the aircraft. It just requires a software upgrade to an airline’s server.

“As part of our commitment to the air transport community we will, during an emergency, provide AIRCOM FlightTracker position reporting free of charge to SITA member customers,” concluded Dawkins. “AIRCOM FlightTracker will request emergency positioning reports if it identifies that a flight has left its normal route for an unknown reason – and we will waive charges for that reporting until the emergency ends.

“We are working with ICAO and IATA to develop the system for the future,” said Dawkins.

Get Connected first outlined AIRCOM FlightTracker’s capabilities in June 2014.

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