EBACE2015: Gogo launches enhanced wireless IFE service

John Wade, Gogo’s Executive Vice President and General Manager
John Wade, Gogo’s Executive Vice President and General Manager

Gogo has launched an enhanced version of its “Gogo Vision” wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) and information service, bringing a wide range of Hollywood entertainment to business aircraft across the globe.

Gogo Vision, which was recently selected by NetJets, serves up approximately 200 on-demand movies and TV shows, along with moving maps, news, flight progress information and destination weather.

Gogo Vision content is stored on an on-board server and streamed directly to passengers’ personal electronic devices such as tablets via inflight Wi-Fi.

For the system’s worldwide roll-out, Gogo is introducing an enhanced version of Gogo Vision, offering many performance improvements, including the ability to view content on iPhones as well as tablets and laptop computers; compatibility with a greater range of cabin management systems; and design enhancements that make the system even more attractive and intuitive for the user.

The system can also display news, weather and moving map data. The video news content can be updated via a 3G/4G data connection when the aircraft is on the ground, or via an ATG, Inmarsat SwiftBroadband or Ku-band connection.

John Wade, Gogo’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, said: “In-flight entertainment is set to become the next competitive differentiator for charter and fractional operators. Passenger expectations are being driven ever higher by what they experience on airlines, which now offer a huge array of the latest movies and shows on demand. Business aviation shouldn’t be any different.

“Thanks to newly-expanded distribution agreements with entertainment rights holders, we are now able to offer Gogo Vision globally, bringing an entirely new level of IFE choice and convenience to many new markets,” Wade said.

Thanks to DRM key management Gogo is able to offer a lot of recent movie content and Wade is confident that early-window content won’t be far behind.

“Soon, if a movie is in a theatre it will be on an aircraft. We are in the early stages of seeing a lot of the problems surrounding early-window content go away.”

Gogo says the system, which can be installed on business aircraft as small as light jets and turboprops, means passengers never need to think of bringing their own in-flight entertainment again.

“We are seeing a lot of interest from fleet operators,” Wade said.

Gogo Vision’s content comes from global entertainment companies like Discovery Communications, Disney Studios, Magnolia Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers and more.

Gogo Vision customers can update their content libraries monthly via removable USB flash memory drives issued by Gogo, and customers have the additional option of receiving automatic updates every time the aircraft visits a participating Gogo Cloud location in the US.

Gogo Vision is powered by Gogo’s UCS 5000 all-in-one smart router and media server. The unit uses fully-certified, DO-160-compliant aviation componentry, which eliminates obsolescence issues found with off-the-shelf, consumer-based technologies.

If a customer has UCS in place aboard the aircraft for router functions, the Gogo Vision in-flight entertainment service can be activated simply by purchasing a software key – no additional hardware is required.



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