Cobham Satcom gains more STCs for AVIATOR SP

Cobham SATCOM's HGA-7001 antenna
Cobham SATCOM’s HGA-7001 antenna

Cobham Satcom has received new STCs for its AVIATOR SP (Special Purpose) system, comprising the SDU-7330-00X (Satellite Data Unit) on the Embraer Legacy 600 and 650 executive jets for multi-channel SwiftBroadband.

It also has a new STC on the Airbus A319 for single channel or multi-channel SwiftBroadband with Cobham’s HGA-7001 high gain antenna.

The STCs were development in conjunction with joint holders 328design and Alamo.

Cobham’s AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband solution has a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its use aboard Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, in addition to an FAA STC aboard King Air models.

The Cobham AVIATOR systems have also been certified for several key aircraft including the Boeing 757, a range of Cessna aircraft, the Citation X, G200, Embraer 135 (Legacy 600/650) and Bombardier Challenger 300.

Kim Gram, VP Aeronautical, Cobham SATCOM, said: “We are pleased to continue developing STCs for installation on a growing number of airframes, enabling more users to take advantage of modern in-flight communications with the use of smart phones, personal tablets and laptops for a multitude of applications during all phases of flight.”

Cobham's Jen Marts with the HELGA antenna for its AVIATOR 200S.
Jen Marts with the HELGA antenna for its AVIATOR 200S.

The full Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR range includes the future AVIATOR S series as well as the current AVIATOR 700 and 700D, AVIATOR 350 with High Gain Antenna (HGA), AVIATOR 300 with IGA as well as the compact and lightweight AVIATOR 200 with Low Gain Antenna (LGA).

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