Zodiac selected for Global Xpress integration at Airbus

Honeywell Ka-band antenna for Inmarsat's GX Aviation service.
Honeywell’s fuselage-mounted Ka-band antenna for Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service.

Zodiac’s Inflight Innovations been selected by Airbus for its Inmarsat Global Xpress integration on the A320 single-aisle, A330 long-range and A380 families.

Zodiac will supply buyer-furnished aircraft equipment and other terminal hardware for the Airbus high bandwidth connectivity (HBC) solution.

Matt Smith, CEO at Zodiac Inflight Innovations, said: “High Bandwidth Connectivity (HBC) represents the new generation of connectivity services for both passengers and airlines.

“The system provides high speed internet to passengers, and many other opportunities for airline ancillary revenue for example, and airlines will be able to improve operation via real time aircraft monitoring.”

Zodiac Inflight Innovations is providing an ARINC-791 compliant radome, adapter plate, skirt seal, antenna, as well as other terminal hardware.

The radome and adapter plate have been designed to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate other Ka-band antennas, minimising the work required for future HBC systems.

Twenty five airlines around the world with more than 200 aircraft are already using Zodiac Inflight Innovations Inflight Entertainment which includes its award-winning RAVE Centric AVOD system and its latest RAVE Wireless streaming entertainment system.

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