StandardAero to offer 4G LTE connectivity for business aircraft

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StandardAero has signed an agreement with SmartSky Networks to certify and install the latter’s 4G LTE-based, high-speed wireless internet solution for a variety of business aircraft.

SmartSky plans to beta-launch the innovative SmartSky 4G air-to-ground network in late 2015.

4G LTE (Fourth Generation / Long Term Evolution) is the next stage in mobile network development and provides users with much faster data speeds than 3G.

Its impressive speed increase is achieved with the use of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), a transmission technology used by the likes of ADSL, Wi-Fi, DVB-T, DVB-H and DAB.

Not only does it reduce latency (the amount of time taken to buffer and connect to webpages), but it also minimises interference and is able to cram greater amounts of data into the same slice of radio bandwidth.

This enables 4G/LTE phones and tablets to stream video and play online games like never before, as it is a data network, rather than a voice one, and uses the same TCP/IP protocols that underpin the internet.

4G LTE can therefore offer the potential for fast inflight connectivity for business aircraft while they are over land without the need for a satellite connection.

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Scotsdale, Arizona-based StandardAero will provide Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approvals for the SmartSky system and will begin STC development in 2016 as SmartSky completes its network development.

SmartSky Networks’ 4G LTE wireless capabilities will provide a real-time, air-to-ground network that will operate at ten times the speed and capacity of current systems currently available on the market.

StandardAero is authorized to provide SmartSky installation services at any of the company’s four primary business aviation service centres located in Los Angeles, CA; Springfield, IL; Augusta, GA and Houston, TX.

Marc McGowan, StandardAero’s President, Business Aviation, said: “Our customers are demanding the latest technologies in the cabin and they have expectations for similar speed and performance as they experience in their offices and at home.

“We are pleased to partner with SmartSky and provide our operators this tremendous option for faster internet services, video conferencing and streaming media.”

Haynes Griffin, SmartSky Networks Chairman and CEO, added: “StandardAero clearly shares SmartSky’s vision through its demonstrated commitment to stay at the forefront of providing the latest technical solutions to the aviation industry.

“We are very proud to add StandardAero to our growing family of highly regarded aviation partners and look forward to working closely with them to offer SmartSky 4G service to their customers.”

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