Inflight phone use in USA is one step closer

Mobile phone being used in flight.
A passenger using a mobile phone in flight.

Airlines should be left to decide whether passengers can make phone calls during flights.

That was the message from the US Transportation Department’s Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection at a meeting on 1 September.

According to Bloomberg, the committee approved a proposal that said “if safe and secure,” the Transportation Department could let airlines decide on mobile phone use.

In 2013 the Federal Communications Commission agreed to consider lifting its ban on in-flight calls, but he proposal sparked opposition from travellers, flight attendants and others.

Bloomberg adds that even if the FCC determines that mobile phones or other mobile devices used during flight wouldn’t interfere with cellular networks and revises its ban, Federal Aviation Administration safety regulations would still apply.

The advisory committee’s recommendation will form the basis of a report to the Transportation Department.

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