Gogo demonstrates 2Ku connectivity and gains B737 STC

Gogo's "2Ku" dual Ku-band antenna promises up to 70mbps downlinks.
Gogo’s “2Ku” dual Ku-band antenna promises up to 70mbps downlinks.

Gogo has demonstrated its 2Ku next-generation satellite technology during a series of flights on its Boeing 737 aircraft.

The demonstration for the media took place in Gary, Indiana, USA on Thursday.

Gogo says 2Ku is capable of matching or exceeding the bandwidth of any other system currently offered. As part of the flight testing of 2Ku, Gogo has simultaneously streamed videos on more than 40 devices while providing a browsing experience on additional devices.

During the flight journalists used the 2Ku dual flat panel phased array antenna to access bandwidth-hungry applications on the internet. Jason Rabinowitz for “Forbes” recorded download speeds of up to 24Mbps.

The technology is expected to be launched commercially in the coming months.

Gogo says the technology also benefits from the global coverage and redundancy of the more than 180 satellites in the Ku-band. In addition, Gogo says the proprietary antenna design gives 2Ku a significant cost advantage over any other global solution.

Gogo’s president and CEO Michael Small, said:”This is a tremendous milestone for Gogo.

“In about a year and a half, we’ve been able to fully develop and bring this new technology to market, a speed which is unprecedented in this industry. The accomplishment really highlights Gogo’s leadership in this space and the tremendously talented employees we have within our rank.

“Gogo created the in-flight connectivity market in the U.S. through its technological innovations, and we expect 2Ku to be the technology that kick-starts this industry for global aviation.”

Gogo also announced today that it has received an STC from the FAA for 2Ku on board Aeromexico’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

The certification allows Gogo and Aeromexico to offer service and begin testing the technology. It also clears the way for further 2Ku installations on Aeromexico’s fleet in the coming months.

Aeromexico selected Gogo to provide connectivity across its entire fleet of 737-800s and Gogo Vision, Gogo’s wireless in-flight entertainment product, on its fleet of 737-700s, Embraer 190 and 170 aircraft.

Since Gogo announced 2Ku at Aircraft Interiors Hamburg in May 2013, eight airlines representing more than 550 aircraft have adopted the technology for fleet deployment or a trial of the service.

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