Gogo to enable real-time weather updates in cockpit

Gogo logoGogo has partnered with Weather Services International (WSI) and its Pilotbrief Optima iPad application to provide up-to-date weather data in the cockpit.

WSI, the business-to-business division of The Weather Company, has recently launched a new version of Pilotbrief Optima for iPad, the application for on-demand aviation weather, that includes significant weather enhancements.

Through a new partnership with Gogo, pilots will also have access to real-time weather updates right from the cockpit.

WSI says the latest release (version 2.10) will run faster and smoother while continuing to provide the critical weather, airport, and flight information that enables pilots to proactively manage and improve flight safety, efficiency, and performance.

Whether on the ground or inflight, pilots will now be able to retrieve real-time weather briefings, create and file digital flight releases (DFR), and access enroute and approach plate charts right from the cockpit via their iPad.

In the latest version, WSI says both general aviators and professional pilots will have access to a connected cockpit experience, which includes increased resiliency, reliability, and stability when connected inflight.

Other enhancements available in Pilotbrief Optima 2.10 include:

  • New Forecast Echo Tops layer to better discern convective weather risks while flight planning
  • New Ocean Tracks visualisation for transatlantic operations
  • Improved data persistence for airport weather and favourite stations to streamline workflow
  • New distance and bearing tool using current position to quickly determine and communicate position or routing adjustments to Air Traffic Control (ATC) and ground personnel
  • Upgraded interactive toolbar that makes it easier to find and use the most popular Pilotbrief features
  • Support for Seconds (e.g., DD, MM, SS, N/S, DDD) when using route coordinates.

Both the enterprise version and general aviation version of Pilotbrief Optima are available for download from the Apple iTunes store.

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