Honeywell / Airbus to deliver real-time weather information

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Honeywell's Weather Information Service
Honeywell’s Weather Information Service

“Weather on Board for FlySmart with Airbus”, which has been adapted from Honeywell’s Weather Information Service, will be available to airlines later this year.

Delivered via an iOS or Windows app, the service provides real-time weather information during flights from takeoff to landing.

This could save time for pilots, reduce fuel costs for airlines, and increase safety and comfort for passengers.

The app replaces volumes of paper weather forecast reports issued hours before flight and periodic radio dispatch updates. As it is app based it can be updated via an internet connection, presumably via an aircraft satellite/ATG connection if need be.

Honeywell says airlines could save up to $30,000 per airplane, per year by leveraging instant weather information provided by the app.

All Airbus customers who have invested in the company’s “FlySmart with Airbus” electronic flight bag (EFB) for their A320, A330, A380 and A350 aircraft can receive the service.

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“Weather on Board for FlySmart with Airbus” is tailored from Honeywell’s Weather Information Service mobile app, introduced in April.

John Bolton, president, Air Transport and Regional, Honeywell Aerospace, said: “At Honeywell, we want to give pilots the best real-time information possible when it comes to flight planning and flying, and our Weather Information Service does just that.

“Airlines that already have the ‘FlySmart with Airbus’ electronic flight bag will be able to take advantage of the new service in a very easy way, helping them plan more efficient and safer flights along their entire flight route.”

About “Weather on Board for FlySmart with Airbus”:

Honeywell and Airbus collaborated to develop a high-integrity service with secure and real-time data for pilots. Honeywell says Weather on Board will help pilots gain more awareness of their environment throughout a flight.

Current features include:

  • Weather radar display showing potentially hazardous weather in a graphical format, localised spatially on a map, making it easy for pilots to understand and make critical in-flight routing decisions.
  • Cumulonimbus cloud forecast display allows pilots to get a vertical view of potential storm clouds. This lets them compare weather conditions at different altitudes, making routing safer and more efficient.
  • Clear air turbulence forecast display clearly shows potential areas of greater turbulence, making flights safer and more comfortable for passengers and helping to reduce aircraft damage and maintenance.
  • Satellite-derived cloud heights allow a more accurate look at the changing weather, so pilots can avoid potential hazards.
  • 3-D winds aloft forecast shows direction and speed of wind in an aircraft’s flight path, so pilots can choose the best possible route, helping them arrive at a destination on time and reducing fuel use and emissions.
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