Try Get Connected’s 2015 inflight connectivity quiz

Graphic showing questions marks for our inflight connectivity quizHow much do you know about the inflight connectivity business? Have you got your finger on the connectivity pulse? If you think you have, try your hand at our Christmas 2015 round-up quiz.

We ran this last year and it proved very popular. There are no prizes, just the opportunity to show your colleagues what a smart Alec or Alexis you really are! The answers with links to the stories are at the bottom of the page.

And here is a bonus question – how do you keep up to date with all the latest inflight connectivity news from around the world?

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Now, blatant plug out of the way, here are the real questions!

Question 1

In January, which inflight connectivity provider was granted FCC approval to operate its 2Ku satellite technology?

Question 2

In February, which business aviation provider launched its GlobalVT service that allows anyone to contact you while you are in flight via your own cellphone number?

Question 3

Who signed an agreement in March to co-design and produce an ultra-thin, active phased-array Ku-band satellite antenna?

Question 4

In April, which company signed an agreement to produce an ultra-small flat-panel antenna for Inmarsat’s Ka-band GX service?

Question 5

In May, whose wireless EFB interface solution did Airbus select for its A320 and A330 aircraft families?

Question 6

In June, who announced that they intended to equip more of Vueling’s fleet with a Ka-band inflight connectivity solution?

Question 7

In July, which Canadian airline said it would be rolling out Panasonic Ku-band inflight connectivity?

Question 8

in August, which provider rolled out EFB solutions to three airlines in Europe, Asia and South America.

Question 9

In September, which inflight provider claimed 51% of the connectivity market?

Question 10

JetBlue completed its fleet-wide install of whose inflight connectivity system in October?

Question 11

In November, who scooped an Airbus “Best Performer Award in systems and equipment, cabin and propulsion” award?

Question 12

And finally, who this month announced that they would be acquiring Denmark’s Satcom 1?














1. It was Gogo – see Gogo receives FCC approval for 2Ku in-flight connectivity

2. The answer is Satcom Direct – see Satcom Direct to launch GlobalVT for bizjet community

3. It was Intelsat and Phasor – see Intelsat and Phasor partner on new Ku-band antenna

4. It was Kymeta – see AIX2015: Kymeta to develop small antenna for Inmarsat GX

5. It was Rockwell Collins – see Airbus selects Rockwell Collins’ wireless EFB solution

6. It was Thales – see Thales to equip more Vueling aircraft with inflight connectivity

7. It was WestJet – see Canada’s WestJet rolling out Panasonic inflight Wi-Fi

8. It was Global Eagle Entertainment- see Global Eagle provides EFB solutions to three airlines

9. It was Panasonic Avionics – see APEX2015: Panasonic claims 51% of connectivity market

10. It was ViaSat – see JetBlue completes ViaSat installs on its Airbus fleet

11. It was Cobham Satcom – see Cobham Satcom scoops Airbus supplier award

12. It was Honeywell – see NBAA2015: Honeywell acquires Denmark’s Satcom1


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