AeroMobile inflight connectivity now available on Swiss

Swiss International aircraft now equipped with AeroMobile.AeroMobile has partnered with Swiss International Airlines to allow its passengers, in all cabin classes, to use their mobile devices to call, text and browse the internet at 30,000 feet.

AeroMobile is a registered mobile network operator that enables airline passengers to roam inflight. Through this partnership, Swiss’ passengers will be able to use their own mobile devices inflight just as they would on the ground.

The first fully-connected flight entered into service in early February 2016, a Boeing 777-300ER. Swiss will roll-out further B777 aircraft with inflight connectivity in the coming months, travelling to destinations including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.


AeroMobile provides technology that allows the safe use of passengers’ own mobile phones onboard aircraft.

The company has roaming agreements with more than 320 network operators globally allowing passengers from over 145 countries to use their phone inflight. Since 2008, more than 36 million passengers have successfully connected to the AeroMobile network inflight.

The service is simple to use; passengers simply turn on their mobile device to connect to the network and are billed directly by their mobile operator. Prices are comparable to international roaming rates.

Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile, said: “It is a really exciting start to 2016 and we’re delighted to be working with SWISS, as we expand our fleet and continue supplying inflight connectivity to passengers around the world.”

The AeroMobile connectivity is linked to Panasonic’s recent announcement about providing its Ku-band connectivity to Swiss.

Inflight connectivity

Panasonic said then that the airline is also considering whether to extend inflight internet connectivity to the rest of its long-haul fleet, that is its Airbus A330s and A340s.

Swiss will also enable its customers to make phone calls and send SMS text messages and data via roaming telephony for a trial one-year period.

The new facility is being offered in the light of recent market research among its customer base.

The prices of these services will be set by the corresponding contractual agreements between AeroMobile (the provider of these inflight phone options) and the customer’s phone service provider.

Swiss says it will be closely monitoring this one-year trial phase, and will be carefully assessing any and all feedback from its customers.

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