IDG signs agreement with Honeywell for satcom solutions

Bizjets on static display
Bizjet connectivity is now a big business.

IDG Europe has signed a dealership agreement with Honeywell Aerospace to provide its satcom connectivity equipment for the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) L-band satellites.

Honeywell Satcom terminals feature High Data Rate (HDR) Inmarsat SwiftBroadband through its Aspire 200 and HSD-400 Satcom systems.

Through HDR upgrades inflight Wi-Fi speeds can double for fixed and rotor-wing aircraft.

The company’s Aspire 200 Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satcom offers high-speed data capability in a compact, lightweight design, as well as a high level of performance and wide range of antenna options.

It is suitable for use in all sizes of fixed and rotor-wing aircraft where cabin and voice data connectivity needs can be met with a single-channel of the SwiftBroadband service.

Honeywell JetWave

Honeywell's lightweight tail-mounted Ka-band antenna for bizjets.
Honeywell’s lightweight MCS8000 tail-mounted Ka-band antenna for bizjets.

IDG Europe will also be able to offer seamless global broadband service via the Inmarsat Global Xpress network and Honeywell JetWave MCS8000 Ka-band GX Satcom terminal for business aircraft.

Göran H Johnson, CEO of IDG Europe, said: “The Honeywell Aerospace Satcom Solutions allow owners and operators to fulfil all their aircraft connectivity requirements, providing an excellent value proposition for our customers.

“We have a growing number of customers in Europe and the CIS regions who value the technology advances we can provide and appreciate our high level of customer service, responsiveness to individual requests, and specialised support.

“With the addition of these satcom products to our portfolio we can continue to offer our customers the most advanced turnkey Satcom connectivity for their aircraft and helicopters.”

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