New features available on the Satcom Direct Router (SDR)

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The Satcom Direct Router (SDR).
The Satcom Direct Router (SDR).

Sponsored feature: Satcom Direct (SD) has recently introduced a number of innovative new services through software updates to its airborne router. The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) simplifies cabin communications on a business aircraft and allows the simultaneous use of multiple satellite connections.

Just as Apple regularly releases new features for its iPhone and iPad through software updates, new applications are being brought to the SDR in much the same way.

These updates are easy to install and bring new features to the SDR. Let’s take a look at two of the most recent:


You can never get enough bandwidth for the inflight connectivity connection aboard your business aircraft. Modern applications, like video conferencing, need as much as you can get.

SD now has a solution that will give you the fastest possible in-flight data speeds worldwide.

It’s called Skybond and works with the SDR to combine multiple streaming channels on Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband service.

By delivering speeds of up to 1.4Mbps the service allows you to stream music, video, or use videoconferencing, while you are in-flight, anywhere in the world.

The system works by bonding or aggregating up to four separate SwiftBroadband channels together to give larger data pipe. This means you can use your connectivity devices in the air with speeds that are similar to those you could normally achieve in your office on the ground.

Note that with SwiftBroadband’s streaming service you are billed per access minute, not per megabyte.

All you need to access the service is a multichannel SwiftBroadband-equipped aircraft and the SDR.

Policy-based Routeing (Smart Networking)

The second service that has been introduced is so-called Policy-Based Routeing (PBR) or Smart Networking.

This appeals to operators who may charter their aircraft to other users, or who want to restrict how the satellite connection is used by having the SDR restrict passengers’ access to various services.

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For example you might set up one wireless network to allow full high-speed, multi-channel Skybond streaming access for VIP passengers.

Another might then be set up to restrict other passengers and crew to straight “per-megabyte” single-channel SwiftBroadband access.

This can be useful where the owner of a VIP aircraft charters it out and wants to restrict how passengers use the satellite connectivity system.

Aircraft equipped with multiple satellite systems can also set forced routeing of traffic over a specified connection, so the fastest network can be made exclusive to the VIP. For example, if an aircraft had both Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX (JX) and SB200 activated, the JX connection can be reserved for the owner while the other passengers or crew would only access the SB200 network. This level of functionality can only be found in the SDR.

Policy-Based Routeing puts you in control of who has access to what and when.

Satcom Direct’s Pre-Sales Manager (EMEA)
Satcom Direct’s Pre-Sales Manager (EMEA)

Sanaa Saadani, Satcom Direct’s Pre-Sales Manager (EMEA), said: “This is a new feature we introduced with our latest software upgrade. With charter aircraft it allows the owner to control the cost factors more precisely.

“It effectively lets you set group profiles for specific passenger types and control what they have access to. A lot of potential customers have told us they want our SDR just for this one feature alone.”

More details of both of these services are available from Satcom Direct, Inmarsat’s largest Aviation Distribution Partner and the most widely-used provider on the market.

Satcom Direct:

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