Satcom Direct and UW&A team up for datalink and trip planning

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Satcom Direct / Universal's uvGO is available via an iPad app and online.
uvGO is available via an iPad app and online.

Satcom Direct FlightDeck Freedom datalink and Universal Weather and Aviation’s online flight planning and weather services are now available in an integrated and bundled offering.

Joining forces to offer seamless datalink and online flight planning, Satcom Direct (SD) FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) datalink and Universal flight planning are integrated through uvGO, Universal’s do-it-yourself (DIY) mission planning and management solution.

UvGO, available via an iPad app and online, allows users to plan, build, and manage all aspects of a mission — from DIY worldwide flight planning and weather, UVair fuel pricing and arrangements, airport and FBO information, and total trip coordination through Universal Trip Support.

Flight crews can uplink and view flight plans and weather in the cockpit, and display aircraft communications, position details, and messages via uvGO, when on the ground and in the air.

The alliance recognises Universal as the preferred trip management provider for Satcom Direct flight deck services.

FlightDeck Freedom is now the unlimited, fixed-rate datalink service offered by Universal. Aircraft operators receive the bundled datalink and flight planning offering through a single contract and a single invoice.

Jim Jensen, SD Founder and CEO, said: “This collaboration perfectly fits our mission of advancing the industry by both developing new technologies and bringing together the right partners to deliver unmatched capabilities.”

Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom datalink service is fully compatible with all avionics and airframe manufacturers. FDF uses datalink technology that is specifically designed to support business and military aviation, worldwide.

Denio Alvarado, Senior Vice President, Global Product Strategy, Universal., said: “uvGO integrates all of our services and functionality into one simple interface that has been redesigned around the way business aircraft operators tell us they plan and manage their missions. The seamless integration of FDF into uvGO adds tremendous value for our clients.”

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FDF enables the flight crew to monitor cabin communications to assure voice and internet services are working for passengers.

Schedulers/dispatchers and maintenance personnel have access to automated takeoff and landing reports, email messages to and from the aircraft, and can monitor aircraft position at any time with SD’s exclusive SD Flight Tracker.

“In the future there will be a deeper integration allowing us to deliver services that no other trip support provider or datalink provider is offering,” said Scott Hamilton, SD Chief Strategy Officer.

What is Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom?

FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) is SD’s versatile flight deck communications platform. It provides secured, cost effective datalink communications with numerous configurable features and value added services.

Satcom Direct says FDF is the only datalink service to integrate flight deck and cabin communications and allow connections to the leading international trip planning services around the world.

It can:

  • Manage distribution lists for takeoff/ landing reports, CAS/CMC reports and engine trend reports
  • Set up short codes to simplify the sending of messages from the aircraft
  • Designate who is authorised to send messages and emails to the aircraft
  • Select unique service features including automatic Pre-Departure Clearance uplink, automatic receipt of service advisories and other aircraft specific features
  • Aircraft Performance Group (APG) calculations for runway analysis and emergency procedures.

Satcom Direct:

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