Satcom Direct SD FlightLogs manages your log data intuitively

Powered by SD - Satcom DirectSponsored feature: Satcom Direct says its exclusive SD FlightLogs solution is the first paperless, web-based system designed to automatically capture and manage all your aircraft flight log and aircraft movement data.

SD FlightLogs provides business aviation aircraft operators with an electronic flight log solution that is designed to intuitively manage aircraft flight log data and reduce manual user input.

Launched at NBAA in November, and powered by Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom (FDF), it automates the tracking of aircraft movement events, calculating and recording flight time and cycle events while documenting all flight information leg by leg.

SD FlightLogs auto captures information via the aircraft’s FlightDeck Freedom datalink. Occasionally, manual entry may be required for certain fields, but SD FlightLogs will alert the user if a required field has missing or inconsistent data.

Otherwise, SD FlightLogs auto-captures the data, calculating and recording flight time and cycle events.

Users don’t lose all control – they still have the ability to make edits to manually-entered and automatically-captured information and always have the ability to update SD FlightLogs data prior to leg verification.

SD FlightLogs gives the aircraft operator a smart system that includes user guidance, virtually eliminates human error, and provides access to flight data in real-time.

Satcom Direct SD FlightLogs provides business aviation aircraft operators with an electronic flight log solution
SD FlightLogs provides business aviation aircraft operators with an electronic flight log solution.

It also gives every member of the flight operation real-time access to the live data. Team members can access information from three primary screens – fleet overview, trip list and trip details – allowing them to view high-level summary data or detailed flight events for each leg of a trip.

Satcom Direct

Satcom Direct says SD FlightLogs creates an efficient, single access point for all operational users from pilot to maintenance and scheduler, revolutionising the way aircraft movement events are accessed and recorded. It can capture movement data for the life of the aircraft, creating a reliable historical record.

And you don’t have to worry about losing your data – FlightLogs data is stored in SD’s state-of-the-art private data centre, TerraCom Direct.

The company says SD FlightLogs provides pilots, maintenance and flight operations personnel with the ability to stay in sync with their aircraft anywhere in the world.

Jim Jensen, founder and CEO of Satcom Direct (SD), said: “It doesn’t make sense when you have a multi-million dollar aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art technology and you’re still using paper flight logs.

“SD FlightLogs is an electronic solution to the manual process of recording OFF/ON times. It auto-captures flight data so that you’ve not only eliminated the paper, you’ve created a database of movement and maintenance information that can be tracked over the life of the aircraft.”

With an active subscription to FlightDeck Freedom, SD FlightLogs is billed on a per tail basis.

To find out more about SD FlightLogs, visit the SD website.

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