AIX2016: Launch customers unveiled for UGO wireless IFE

An Airbus A350XWB that will get the UGO wireless IFE solution.
An Airbus A350XWB

Display Interactive says French airlines Air Caraibes and French Blue, as well as Pakistani company Shaheen Air, are to equip their long-haul fleet with its UGO wireless IFE portal.

The three operators have placed options for a total of 24 aircraft, the first ones being in operation before end of 2016.

Tarek El Mitwalli, Display Interactive CEO, said: “We designed UGO as an innovative in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution with two key objectives in mind: passenger experience and customer engagement, plus agility and scalability for commercial operators.”

A customized version of the UGO solution will be installed aboard Air Caraibes brand new Airbus A350s.

“The Wi-Fi portal developed by Display Interactive will offer passengers a brand new set of contents and services, as a complement to seat-back IFE,” said El Mitwalli.

Some of them will be accessed locally through the cabin Wi-Fi network, while others have been especially designed in order to leverage possibilities offered by Ka band connectivity (provided on the A350 by Thales InFlyt Experience),” explains Thierry Carmes, Strategy and Development Director at Display Interactive.

A UGO solution will also equip the fleet of French Blue, the new low-cost company launched by Groupe Dubreuil this summer.

“Some of our customers are convinced that wireless IFE will develop massively in the future, and we wanted to address this growing demand,” explained Magali Doucet-Darles, Head of Cabin Business Development at AirFrance Industries.

“These are indeed strategic decisions, based upon each airline’s particular commercial and economical situation. Today, it is a most valuable option to be considered by market segments where IFE is not implemented.”

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