AIX2016: First SUMS GX antenna mount to be fitted on A320

The SUMS GX antenna mounting system from EAD Aerospace.
The SUMS GX antenna mounting system from EAD Aerospace.

EAD Aerospace says work on the first installation of its Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) GX antenna mount on an Airbus A320 should start in May.

The company says SUMS is a complementary and evolutionary answer to existing installation solutions for large Ka- and Ku-band satcom antennas.

With minimal intrusion to the structure of the aircraft during installation, the company says the SUMS solution will make removal of the antenna, in the case of a leased airframe, much easier.

Safety considerations have also been paramount in the design, in particular with aircraft bird-strikes.

EAD Aerospace says an EASA STC should be available for SUMS on the Airbus A320 in September, with the A330 and A340 STCs following in November.

Inmarsat GX

The first undisclosed customer for SUMS is believed to be a private client in the Middle East. It is thought that it will be used on their A320 with Honeywell’s JetWave fuselage-mounted MCS-8200 hardware for Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band system.

Once the SUMS STCs have been granted it could pave the way for future sales to airlines flying the Airbus models.

Patrick Gindre, Sales Director with EAD Aerospace, said: “SUMS is a very light and non-invasive installation.

“Its easy deinstallation process also makes it attractive to lease companies who wish to retain the maximum value for their aircraft.”

EAD Aerospace says it is currently in discussions with other partners concerning STC development for SUMS on other platforms.

EAD Aerospace:

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