Gogo’s 2Ku technology now live on Aeromexico

Gogo's "2Ku" dual Ku-band antenna as fitted to Aeromexico aircraft.
Gogo’s “2Ku” dual Ku-band antenna promises up to 70mbps downlinks.

Gogo says its 2Ku global inflight connectivity technology is now live on Aeromexico.

The first aircraft to fly with 2Ku is an Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 with Sky Interior serving several destinations in the Americas.

Today, the airline has five aircraft installed with the new 2Ku system.

The 2Ku service will be free on Aeromexico for a limited time. In addition to 2Ku, Gogo’s wireless in-flight entertainment solution, Gogo Vision, is now flying on 11 Boeing 737-700 and Embraer aircraft flying across Aeromexico’s regional network.

Michael Small, Gogo’s president and CEO, said: “This is a groundbreaking milestone for Gogo as it signifies that the 2Ku era has officially taken flight.

“Aeromexico was the first to commit to the service and we couldn’t be more excited to have their passengers be the first to experience this game changing technology.”


Andres Conesa, Aeromexico’s CEO, said: “As Mexico’s global airline, we continue to push the envelope in terms of improving the passenger experience.

“This partnership will bring the best connectivity technology to our passengers so they can stay connected within Mexico and abroad.”

Gogo’s 2Ku technology is designed to be open so it’s compatible with multiple satellite networks, which means the technology will be upgradeable over time without having to touch the aircraft.

Gogo says this flexibility will help ensure Aeromexico is future ready and “ahead of the curve from a technology perspective”.

“The great news for Aeromexico is they get a leading technology today that will only get better in the near future as newer high-throughput satellites come online,” added Small.

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