Arconics says its software enables disruptive applications

Fergal Murray, Chief Commercial Officer at Arconics.
Fergal Murray, Chief Commercial Officer at Arconics.

Fergal Murray, Chief Commercial Officer at Arconics, spoke at the Aircraft eEnablement Connectivity and IFE Conference in London on April 27-28, 2016, about how its enterprise architecture lets airlines develop and deliver new applications faster and cheaper.

He said this delivering multiple operational efficiencies, and created competitive advantage.

Since its first deployment with Ryanair in 2001, Arconics software has been chosen by airlines including Qatar Airways, Thomson Airways, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Aer Lingus, Tigerair Australia, Corendon Dutch Airlines and Air Niugini.

Murray said: “Airline IT departments are under pressure to deliver mobile solutions, but making apps work across connected and disconnected aircraft is tough.

Whether developed in-house, or procured from vendors, the result has often been standalone systems that serve the needs of individual departments without joining the dots across the enterprise.


“Our software is different. Arconics provides best-of-breed IFE, EFB and frontline apps, but we also provide a platform that enables faster, cheaper app deployment.

We help airlines gather and manage the vast volumes of data generated by every flight into meaningful real-time analytics, and deliver information to the right person at the right time.

We let the airline’s apps talk to each other, to the aircraft, to everyone along the chain who needs access to content, data and useful analytics.”

The Arconics Platform helps aircraft operators increase revenues and efficiency, reduce costs and improve loyalty.

Our software securely connects everyone across the airline,” Murray said.

CloudStore Wireless IFE is driven by big-data analytics, great content, flexible connectivity and the best possible passenger experience. Customised dashboards provide granular insight, measurably improve real-time decision making and generate ancillary revenues,” Murray added.

Murray concluded: “The Arconics approach to aircraft connectivity allows airlines to enable disruptive apps, while building a coherent technology architecture and new revenue streams, with a focus on maximising the passenger experience.”

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