Teledyne and Lufthansa Systems partner on navigation

EFBs are becoming more popular with pilotsTeledyne Controls and Lufthansa Systems are collaborating to integrate the latter’s Lido/eRouteManual navigation application with Teledyne’s GroundLink Comm+ system with AID functionality to bring further information into the cockpit.

Teledyne says the project, driven by customer demand, allows ground charts, departure charts, en-route maps, arrival charts and airport facility charts to be quickly and easily integrated with the aircraft’s existing onboard data systems to enable the pilot to make better informed decisions to improve operational efficiency both on the ground and in the air.

Situational awareness, whether at an airport or inflight, is critical. Being able to combine that information with other essential flight data brings a further level of control, according to Lufthansa Systems Director Products Lido/Navigation, Igor Dimnik.

“As a stand-alone product, our Lido/eRouteManual navigation gives pilots all of the navigation information they need at a glance,” Dimnik explained.

“The real benefit, however, comes from connecting our Lido/eRouteManual with other data sources; the more connected we can make it, the more intelligent it becomes, and this is now possible thanks to our work with Teledyne Controls.”

Dimnik said that the integration process had been very easy.

“Typically in such collaborations there would be many cycles of product development and long periods of testing,” he said.

“In this case, however, from initial thought to implementation was a matter of days. The integration was not only quick and easy, it was also achieved at a mere fraction of the cost than might ordinarily have been expected.”

Murray Skelton, Director of Business Development at Teledyne Controls, said that with more than 8,300 GroundLink units already flying, it is an easy transition for those with the technology already installed.

“It not only protects their legacy investment but it also enables them to make even more of it,” he said. “It means that every future customer with the GroundLink Comm+ system installed can gain instant benefit.”

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