Esterline CMC Electronics celebrates 3,500th high gain antenna

The Esterline CMC CMA-2200SB IGA antenna
The Esterline CMC CMA-2200SB IGA antenna

Esterline CMC Electronics is celebrating the recent delivery of its 3,500th high gain satellite communications (SATCOM) antenna system.

The milestone unit has been received by Saudi Arabian Airlines for installation on one of its B777 aircraft.

According to a spokesman at Saudi Arabian Airlines: “In the mid-1990s, following a rigorous selection process, we chose CMC as the exclusive supplier of SATCOM antennas for our multi-fleet (MD-11, MD-90, B747 and B-777) of aircraft.

“This is a testament to CMC’s continuing excellence, throughout more than two decades, as a supplier of a product that meets our expectations.”

Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) says it has been supplying SATCOM antenna systems to the aviation industry for more than 25 years.

To date, it has delivered electronically-steered phased array high gain and intermediate gain SATCOM antenna systems to approximately 120 airline customers as well as to OEM, military, corporate and VIP customers, for use with the Inmarsat satellite network.

CMC’s latest high gain SATCOM antenna system offering, the CMA-2102SB, supports Inmarsat Aero-H+, Swift64 and SwiftBroadband satellite communications services.

The antenna’s design enables seamless coverage, independent of aircraft direction, over more than 90% of the specified Inmarsat hemisphere.

The CMA-2102SB antenna system has received Inmarsat multi-channel SwiftBroadband approval and Transport Canada Appliance Type Approval.

CMC’s SATCOM antenna product portfolio also includes the CMA-2200SB, a second-generation intermediate gain antenna system.

This compact, lightweight, top-mount, multi-channel SwiftBroadband antenna fully supports Inmarsat multi-channel SwiftBroadband and classic Aero-I satellite communications services.

The CMA-2200SB has obtained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval.

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