Global Eagle announces new connected aircraft applications

Global Eagle Entertainment logoGlobal Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has announced two new enhancements to its connected aircraft portfolio that concentrate on tracking and operations.

The first is the real-time integration of connected aircraft data streams with GEE’s masFlight airline operations data platform.

The second is the launch of Airview Opsconnect, a cloud-based application that tracks and visualizes operations, identifies and alerts operational disruptions, and improves on-time performance through integrated web-based tools.

GEE masFlight

MasFlight now features real-time flight tracking and satellite-transmitted surveillance data for accurate, complete and informative operational analytics.

Since its 2011 introduction, GEE’s masFlight has used ground-based radar and ADS-B surveillance systems to track and analyse airline performance, employing data from hundreds of commercial, government, and primary data sources.

Information including flight schedules, flight status, radar and ADS-B surveillance, surface and atmospheric weather conditions, and airport surface operations is analysed.

Global airlines employ GEE to monitor operations, improve flight scheduling, benchmark against competition and power enterprise-wide business intelligence platforms.

With the integration of real-time data from connected aircraft, GEE says it now provides airline executives and operations managers with the most current and complete views of flight performance.

GEE says it can access information from its navAero aircraft interface devices, proprietary Airconnect Global in-flight connectivity systems, or third-party communications links. Flight profiles, including three-dimensional flight tracks, can be updated every second with full data encryption and segregation for security.

Based on airline requirements, GEE can now also use real-time maintenance, in-flight entertainment and environmental data to supply business intelligence and improve operations workflow.

The cloud-based platform is accessible on a subscription basis with an available library of dashboards and visualization tools highlighting key performance metrics. masFlight integrates with third-party business intelligence systems including Tableau, SiSense and Oracle, and has a robust programming API for local system integration.

“More than 300 airlines worldwide operate fleets with over 20 aircraft and each faces the same challenges in collecting, fusing and analysing the information they collect from their aircraft,” said Bernard Asare, Vice President of Connected Aircraft Systems.

“masFlight leverages petabyte-scale cloud data processing and analytics capabilities to fuse real-time connected aircraft data with ground-based surveillance and flight status systems for the most accurate, timely and actionable operational visibility.”

Airview Opsconnect

GEE also announced the launch of Airview Opsconnect.

Built on GEE’s masFlight analytics and business intelligence platform, Airview Opsconnect fuses connected aircraft data streamed over satellite with ground-based surveillance, flight status and weather information to identify and manage high-value operational problems.

The application displays aircraft position and tracks, identifies taxi-out delays (even at airports without terrestrial surface-surveillance) and alerts users to operational exceptions, disruptions and cancellations.

Airline managers will be equipped with a do-it-yourself application that simplifies analytics, information querying, including competitive benchmarking, and automates performance reporting by airport, fleet and network worldwide.

Together with masFlight, Airview Opsconnect enables ICAO GADSS compliance for aircraft tracking and reduces airline exposure to regulatory penalties while improving the safety of operations.

“Airview Opsconnect provides airline executives and front-line crew members industry-leading insights into real-time operational performance, showcasing GEE’s integrated connected aircraft capabilities and leadership,” said Asare.

“The app unifies real-time, in-flight data with weather, flight information, and ground-based surveillance with a user-friendly interface to support mission-critical airline decisions and addresses regulatory flight tracking requirements.”

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