Bombardier WAVE inflight connectivity now available for retrofit

Bombardier Global 6000 at Ebace, May 2016 with Bombardier WAVE inflight connectivity.
Bombardier Global 6000 at Ebace, May 2016.

Bombardier has announced that all existing Global aircraft customers can now take advantage of ultra-high-speed inflight internet access with seamless coverage across the globe.

Awarded a supplemental type certificate, Bombardier WAVE (Wireless Access Virtually Everywhere), the fastest worldwide onboard connectivity solution, can now be installed on all Bombardier Global 5000 and Global 6000 aircraft, as well as previous Global aircraft models as a retrofit.

Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Vice President and General Manager, Customer Experience, Bombardier Business Aircraft, said: “Existing Global aircraft customers can install the system at any of our Bombardier Service Centres, and take advantage of an ultra-high-speed in-flight connectivity and productivity solution to make the most efficient use of their time onboard.

“Global customers can benefit from the Service Centre Network’s comprehensive capabilities and flexibility, all while maximising their downtime by pairing their installation with their next aircraft maintenance event,” he added.

Bombardier WAVE

Honeywell's Jack Jacobs and its tail-mounted GX antenna.
Honeywell’s Jack Jacobs and its tail-mounted JX antenna.

Bombardier WAVE uses Honeywell Aerospace’s JetWave hardware and Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX solution to deliver ultra-high-speed access, consistent performance and seamless coverage across the globe.

Jet ConneX (JX) is powered by Inmarsat’s next generation Ka-band satellite constellation, which has steerable beams that can boost bandwidth in high traffic areas and direct capacity where it matters.

A Global 5000 aircraft was the first customer aircraft to feature a retrofit installation of Bombardier WAVE at its Singapore Service Centre. This Global 5000 jet can now allow its passengers to browse the Internet, stream online media and stage a videoconference high above land and water as seamlessly as they would at home or in the office.

Bombardier flew its JX-equipped and STC’d Global 6000 to Ebace in May, complete with its tail-mount Honeywell antenna. The pilot reported the system worked well, allowing Facetime and Skype calls while over the Atlantic en-route and delivering multi-megabit speeds.

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