Satcom Direct (SD) acquires Ohio-based AircraftLogs

SD - Satcom DirectGlobal aeronautical communications provider, Satcom Direct (SD) has acquired AircraftLogs (Stewart-Ratliff Aviation Services, Inc) based in Columbus, OH.

The company offers the latest technology in aircraft flight scheduling software and tax reporting tools for corporate and private flight departments.

With the purchase of AircraftLogs, Satcom Direct adds scheduling and tax capabilities to its Integrated Flight Operations Management portfolio.

Founded in 2005, AircraftLogs provides web-based aviation data management solutions for corporate and private aircraft. It has become a market leader for scheduling software with the release of a web-based solution that incorporates a user-friendly dashboard and high level of customisation to address specific customer requirements.

AircraftLogs also has industry-leading financial and tax reporting, which simplifies IRS and SEC reporting. Across the industry, flight departments and their IT organisations have been selecting AircraftLogs as their platform for the future.

Jim Jensen, Founder and CEO of SD, said: “Customers spoke and we listened. The addition of AircraftLogs to our family enables us to provide an integrated flight department offering with enhanced capabilities, advanced technology and an unmatched level of expertise to revolutionise the aviation industry.

“The flight starts with the schedule and ends with tax reporting. AircraftLogs gives SD, and our SD Pro management platform, a total solution that corporate flight departments have been asking for, allowing them to always be in sync with their aircraft.”

SD Pro

SD Pro brings more control to flight departments.
SD Pro brings more control to flight departments.

SD Pro, which launched in March 2016, was designed to compile the critical information every flight department needs and display it in real time.

Every individual user has a dashboard which is customised to their role potentially giving them access to communications systems status, flight tracking, flight logs, aircraft status and intent, maintenance data, and scheduling data.

The acquisition will add key features and functionality to the SD Pro platform including a rich suite of scheduling and tax reporting services, providing the aviation industry a complete flight operations management solution.

“We are thrilled to be joining the SD family. The company leads the aviation communications industry and with the addition of AircraftLogs we can provide the best solutions of any company in our industry.”, said Doug Stewart, President of AircraftLogs.

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