APEXEXPO: Astronics displays tiny webFB EFB interface

Astronics' Jon Neal
Astronics’ Jon Neal

Astronics is displaying a tiny cube-like device that can connect portable wireless tablet electronic flight bags (EFBs) to an aircraft’s electrical infrastructure.

The webFB is a powerful, but tiny, EFB platform that combines the capabilities of an aircraft interface device (AID) with a wireless data server.

Its potential applications, for connecting a lightweight portable EFB, such as an Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab (Android) or Microsoft Surface, include:

  • Data recording (QAR)
  • Flightline testing (ARINC 717)
  • Data server (ARINC 834), and
  • Avionics test and simulation (CoPilot software)

The webFB provides a hardware-based firewall to isolate and protect aircraft control domains from interference and corruption from cabin networks, EFBs and IFEC systems.

Jon Neal, VP and General Manager, Astronics Ballard Technology, said: “We currently have an STC for the Boeing 737 and are looking to engage with airlines.

“The unit will also work with the Boeing 757 and 767 and there has been a lot of interest in the device since it was launched just over a year ago.

“If you have a wireless tablet you can now plug straight into an existing port and collect data for applications such as fuel saving, tech logs and other performance-related checks, such as hard landings.”

Astronics says the webFB can be used with complete confidence with its 802.11 b/g interface providing strong access and data protection using WPA2 wireless security.

It also includes an integrated secure web page and uses very little power.

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