APEXEXPO: Panasonic showcases Captify and ZeroTouch

Passengers watching live TV via Panasonic Avionics.Passengers watching live TV via Panasonic Avionics.Passengers watching live TV via Panasonic Avionics.
Passengers watching live TV via Panasonic Avionics.

Panasonic Avionics has showcased its new Captify and ZeroTouch services for targeting airline marketing efforts and streamlining IFE updates on an aircraft.

Panasonic says Captify is the aviation industry’s most advanced inflight marketing platform, delivering all the key features needed by airlines, external partners and paying advertisers.

It enables airlines to target their marketing by seat class, route, device, language, and passenger data.


This allows airlines to optimise promotions for a wide range of optional services, partnerships, loyalty programs, and paid advertising all within a compelling passenger experience.

The platform delivers video, native display, and sponsorship options for high-impact, fraud-free marketing with better targeting and results.

Captify also helps airlines and their marketing and sales partners learn more about their customers by bringing together all their passenger and behavioural data, so airlines can gain intelligence and inform business or service strategies.

The service is built to fit any airline’s business model, with access for internal marketers, external sales teams, and ongoing trafficking and testing support from Panasonic.

The full platform includes ground-side tools for scheduling and analytics of marketing campaigns; air-side servers and APIs to integrate with any aircraft’s inflight entertainment or connectivity systems; plus Panasonic’s dedicated service teams working with airlines partners, media agencies, and content providers.


Panasonic Avionics also announced the launch of its ZeroTouch service that simultaneously gives airlines real-time visibility on performance, improves the efficiency of its maintenance operations and enables data transfer of passenger-facing content to an aircraft.

ZeroTouch will reduce an airline’s need to physically touch the aircraft because all interactions are managed through a virtual dashboard.

By providing access to real-time passenger data, software, media and content updates can be data-driven, helping to deliver a relevant and personalised passenger experience.

Updates can be sent to an aircraft via three high-speed pipes – Wi-Fi at the gate, cellular, or even in flight using Panasonic’s global broadband eXConnect Ku-band satellite service.

ZeroTouch will offer an improvement from an airline’s traditional 30-day media update cycle by enabling live updates to data and files stored on a Panasonic inflight entertainment and communications system.

Applications such as movies, games, advertising, live news, and more can be automatically loaded at any time, over any available communications pipe to an entire fleet.

Panasonic says it is in phase one of its ZeroTouch service initiative, and is already delivering payloads of up to 700 Megabytes to aircraft over cellular and its eXConnect service, multiple times per day.

By the third quarter of 2017, Panasonic says it will enter a phase two trial, with a new, more robust and more efficient core infrastructure and an enhanced management console.

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