NBAA: TrueNorth Optelity router approved for SmartSky 4G

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Passengers using Optelity connectivity on a business aircraft.TrueNorth Avionics says its Optelity Cabin Gateway has been approved by SmartSky Networks for use on the upcoming SmartSky 4G air-to-ground network.

This will enable fast, unlimited streaming of content such as HD movies to multiple devices on the largest business jets.

Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth CEO, said: “Achieving the FCC’s authorisation for this network is an essential advance in the world of cabin communications systems and we congratulate SmartSky on this milestone.

“We’d also like to congratulate the hardware suppliers and MRO partners who are working on STCs for the forthcoming launch. We’re excited to see the success of this new inflight connectivity solution.”

TrueNorth says it is committed to integrating new technologies into its products, keeping an eye on the latest in Wi-Fi technology so that users and OEMs don’t have to.


The Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway features integrated routing capabilities along with aviation certified Wi-Fi and telephony.

A flexible, modular system, Optelity Pro is built to readily incorporate emerging technologies like future 802.11 Wi-Fi and LTE standards as they come online.

The company says it wants to ensure that as next-generation devices come to market, the user experience continues to be seamless from gate to gate.

“Increasingly, aircraft are operating networks of networks, just like on the ground,” said Steve Newell, TrueNorth’s chief commercial officer. “An increasing number of aircraft owners are opting to have three, four or five airborne networks.

“Optelity is an incredibly fast streaming product and its unmatched wireless delivery capability provides unrestricted aircraft data and content streaming to bring HD movies to the multiple devices of all the passengers in the largest business jets.

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“The Optelity product line stands alone in its ability to deliver service-provider friendly solutions that support the networks of today and tomorrow.”

“We opted for an open ecosystem to enable partnering with impressive industry leaders like TrueNorth, allowing our customers to choose from the best available cabin wireless access points,” said Ryan Stone, SmartSky Networks president.

“The TrueNorth Optelity Pro permits customers to create a customized hybrid inflight connectivity solution with intelligent routing, combining their preferred satellite system with SmartSky 4G to take advantage of the most attractive capabilities of each network.”

SmartSky 4G

“Purchasers will appreciate the fact that they can buy an Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway today knowing that it will be ready when the SmartSky network goes live,” noted van Berkel.

“Our Optelity products are flexible and designed to make SmartSky’s network implementation seamless for aircraft owners.”

The Optelity Cabin Gateway is a cabin communications platform offering aviation certified Wi-Fi, high fidelity telephony with a full-featured VoIP PBX.

The system also offers enterprise email and seamless connectivity for the latest smartphones and other devices.

Optelity pro has two Iridium voice channels and provides exceptional Wi-Fi capabilities—dual band (2.4 GHz/2.5 GHz) simultaneous 802.11 ac, plus standard 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi.

Optelity Hot Spot is purpose-built for light-to-medium jet, and turboprop aircraft, letting passengers and pilots use phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi devices inflight.

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