Rockwell Collins EICU ready to launch with Azul Airlines

Rockwell Collins ACARS diagramAzul Airlines’ pilots will be able to more effectively link electronic flight bags with onboard and external networks with the Rockwell Collins Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Interface and Communication Unit (EICU), developed in partnership with Airbus.

This secure server router solution is being certified by Airbus on the A320neo and A330neo families of aircraft. The new EICU will debut from 2017 onwards on 63 Airbus A320neos from Azul Airlines and is available now as an option.

The EICU system is part of Rockwell Collins’ extensive portfolio of information-enabled flight deck router solutions.

Rockwell Collins says the EICU brings value to Azul Airlines by improving data security while lowering their costs for data transmission, flight operations and maintenance.

Packaged as a lightweight and compact unit, the EICU provides complex information assurance capabilities to protect data transfer over wireless and wired, portable and factory installed EFBs.

Additionally, the EICU can be linked to Rockwell Collins’ private air and ground networks that are built for high operational mission critical reliability.

The EICU moves data on and off the aircraft using the most cost effective communications channel, including cellular, SATCOM or ACARS for data transfer both in-flight and on the ground.

This enables airlines to connect and run EFB apps while establishing a secure wireless access point for the cockpit and cabin crew.

With its’ built-in avionics interface device, the EICU gathers and transmits industry-standard FOQA data files using cellular. Additionally, Rockwell Collins can move data directly to the airline’s back office using a managed network service.

Stephen Timm, vice president and general manager, Rockwell Collins Air Transport Systems, said: “The EICU really drives forward the reality of the securely, connected aircraft.

“Airline customers can better utilise their information management systems by connecting them in the air and on the ground with the most capable and cost-effective solution.”

Airbus selected Rockwell Collins to provide a wireless EFB solution in 2014, and was selected to install the EICU system for the Airbus A320neo, A330neo and classic aircraft variants.

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