Teledyne Controls and GE Aviation sign deal on engine data

Teledyne's Willie Cecil.
Teledyne’s Willie Cecil.

Teledyne Controls and GE Aviation have signed a strategic digital alliance partnership to transform engine health monitoring, using GE’s Predix platform to apply data and analytics on continuous flight data wirelessly.

Willie Cecil, Director of Business Development, Wireless and Data Automation Solutions at Teledyne Controls, says that predictive maintenance for aircraft is being taken to a completely different level for operators.

“Until now, health monitoring has been limited because it has been performed using only a few hundred bytes of data sent from the aircraft via ACARS, which is fairly expensive and has limited bandwidth,” Cecil said.

“Using Teledyne’s GroundLink patented technology, which leverages higher bandwidth and less expensive cellular wireless networks, several megabytes per flight hour of continuous data can be made available for engine analytics.”

John Nelson, Data Product Manager for GE Aviation, notes the flow of richer, continuous data enables insights into asset condition not previously possible.

“Applying physics and data science expertise together, on continuous data, is the recipe to create analytics that enable increased detection lead time, reduce maintenance burden and improve asset availability,” he said.

“The partnership between Teledyne Controls and GE will benefit our customers by simplifying the flow of commercial aircraft flight data to GE’s Predix platform, and enrich the data at speeds and scale enabled by industrial internet technologies.”

The new partnership was formally announced at the GE Minds and Machines event in San Francisco on 15/16 November.

GE is connecting data, developers and Predix, the world’s first and only cloud-based operating system built exclusively for industry.

Teledyne says Predix is powering innovative industrial internet apps that turn operational data into insight for better and faster decision making.

Teledyne said in May that it had 166 customers using its GroundLink system, accumulating 110 million flight hours. Around 75% of the aircraft have been OEM factory-installed. These include Airbus A320, A330, A380, and Boeing 737, 777 and 737-8.

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