Lufthansa Systems holds fashion show in the clouds

Lufthansa Systems offered a special flight to New York’s Fashion Week, including the live streaming of presentations to passengers’ devices.

Flight LH 400 from Frankfurt to the “Big Apple” hosted a live fashion show in the clouds including the live streaming of presentations.

The experts in the video below are Nicola Vultaggio and Mohamed Lakhloufi, both Senior Product Managers, Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect.

Lufthansa says the fashion flight won’t be a one-off. This technology can be used for different purposes.

Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect Plus is powering the Inmarsat GX inflight connectivity aboard its parent company’s aircraft.

Norbert Mueller, Senior Vice President, Lufthansa Systems, said that BoardConnect Plus had to go through many updates and changes to accommodate the live internet connection, but it is working well and passenger feedback has been very positive.

The GX service on Lufthansa is Wi-Fi only, with in-cabin hotspots and no seat-back devices to worry about. BoardConnect Plus therefore has to accommodate different tablets, laptops and other personal electronic devices.

“The BoardConnect Plus portal is HTML/Javascript based and so works via the passenger’s internet browser,” Mueller said. “We still have to have an iPad app for DRM-protected streaming content, but otherwise the browser handles everything else.”

Lufthansa Systems has worked with Inmarsat and Lufthansa Technik, to offer airlines the modern, multifunctional on-board IT platform with broadband access.

As well as the internet connection, passengers get access to audio, video, games and shopping.

Thanks to the open software architecture of the BoardConnect Plus platform, entertainment, infotainment and ancillary revenues can be integrated quite easily. These can benefit passengers as well as airlines, since integrated ads and services can generate additional revenues.

Video: Copyright Lufthansa Systems.

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