EAD Aerospace adds A330 to SUMS family of satcom STCs

EAD Aerospace SUMS mount for the A330.
EAD Aerospace SUMS mount for the A330.

EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse company, has received a supplemental type certificate (STC) for its Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) on an Airbus A330 aircraft.

This follows on from Eclipse receiving one of the first EASA STCs for a Honeywell JetWave installation for Inmarsat’s GX for Aviation service last year for an A320 (applicable to A320 and A321) aircraft.

This STC adds to the family of STCs, which EAD Aerospace has been developing since 2014 for various aircraft types.

EAD Aerospace is supporting the installation of the JetWave fuselage-mounted antenna variant (MCS-8200) to support Ka-Band satellite communications (Satcom) on the A330 VIP aircraft with a leading European MRO for an undisclosed final customer in the Middle East.

The company says SUMS is a complementary and evolutionary answer to existing installation solutions for large Ka- and Ku-band satcom antennas.

With minimal intrusion to the structure of the aircraft during installation, the company says the SUMS solution will make removal of the antenna, in the case of a leased airframe, much easier.

Now the SUMS STCs have been granted it could pave the way for future sales to airlines flying the Airbus models.

Patrick Gindre, Sales Director with EAD Aerospace, said: “SUMS is a very light and non-invasive installation. Its easy deinstallation process also makes it attractive to lease companies who wish to retain the maximum value for their aircraft.”

Ka-Band connectivity enables the highest data rates available in airborne satcom and further growth in data is expected to occur in the coming decades.

The enhanced connectivity provided by the JetWave system will interface with the existing local area network (LAN) on the aircraft.

Flights tests took place at the end of December 2016, where the final administrative certification issues were finalised and the STC issued by EASA. SUMS STCs will soon also be received for A340 and B777 series aircraft.

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