Gogo passes 3,000 commercial aircraft with in-flight connectivity

Gogo logoGogo says it has reached a major milestone by installing its 3,000th commercial aircraft with in-flight connectivity.

Today, the company has 3,000 commercial aircraft and more than 4,200 business aircraft, totalling 7,200 aircraft installed.

More than 130 of the 3,000 commercial aircraft are now installed with Gogo’s 2Ku technology that leverages Gogo’s global satellite network.

Michael Small, President and CEO at Gogo, said: “The demand for in-flight connectivity continues to grow at a rapid pace and we are quickly moving beyond connecting passengers to connecting flight attendants, pilots and eventually components on the planes themselves.

“To meet this demand, Gogo has invested in the best broadband networks to meet the needs of global aviation no matter the size of the aircraft or where that aircraft flies.”

Most of the 7,200 aircraft are connected using Gogo’s North American ATG network, but an increasing number of commercial aircraft are now flying on Gogo’s global satellite Ku-band network.

Gogo's "2Ku" dual Ku-band antenna.
Gogo’s “2Ku” dual Ku-band antenna.

2Ku relies on the low-profile, high-efficiency Ku-band satellite antennas that outperform other connectivity solutions in the global aviation market.

Since the announcement of Gogo’s 2Ku technology, 12 airlines representing more than 1500 aircraft have signed up for the service.Nearly all of these aircraft are expected to be installed by the end of 2018.

“Whether an aircraft is flying on our global satellite network or on our North American ATG network, we are delivering industry leading performance in terms of coverage, cost, capacity and reliability,” added Small.

“With high-throughput satellites being added to our global network and an upgrade being made to our ATG network, both networks will bring even better performance in 2017 and beyond.”

2Ku was unveiled at AIX 2014 in Hamburg. The 2Ku antennas are flat, phased arrays from ThinKom that can be rotated to move the beams. Both antennas move together and the system can operate down to about 10 degrees according to Gogo’s chief technology officer, Anand Chari.

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