AIX: Air Caraïbes and French Blue select SITAONAIR for GX

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Air Caraïbes A350 will be equipped with GX by SITAONAIR (CREDIT: Groupe Dubreuil)
Air Caraïbes A350 (CREDIT: Groupe Dubreuil)

Air Caraïbes and its sister company French Blue, France’s first-ever low-cost, long-haul airline, have appointed SITAONAIR to provide Inmarsat’s GX Aviation inflight connectivity across their fleets.

SITAONAIR has been selected to deliver a nose-to-tail inflight connectivity solution to Groupe Dubreuil airlines over the high-speed Ka-band broadband network – SITAONAIR’s first European customers to adopt it.

SITAONAIR says it will enable Air Caraïbes and French Blue to provide digital cabin connectivity services with its key cabin solution, Internet ONAIR.

SITAONAIR will ensure global coverage, as well as a consistent and reliable service on the airlines’ long-haul flights between Paris, the French Caribbean and La Réunion.

In doing so, it will enable the airlines to establish future-proof end-to-end connectivity services that meet growing passenger and operational data demands.

With Internet ONAIR, the airlines will give passengers a personalised, interactive internet connection, akin to a public hotspot on the ground.

Its advertising platform also supports a top priority for French Blue – of enriching customer relationships with tailored offers to passengers, as with its current live SKYDeals online shopping promotion, and generating revenue through advertising.

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With its iZivision portal, supported by the broadband connectivity over GX Aviation, Air Caraïbes will offer passengers free innovative services like postcards and selfies to share with their friends and family, as well as position-sharing during the flight.

Marc Rochet, President and CEO of Air Caraïbes and French Blue, said: “By launching French Blue, our vision is to provide a modern, effective, low-cost, long-range airline, with top-quality inflight connectivity, to satisfy passengers’ needs and wants, particularly of the millennial traveller, which will further enhance what we can offer them.

“Choosing SITAONAIR to deliver this, with its ONAIR applications, was natural to us. We are excited about the opportunities digital transformation presents, and have already enjoyed success with a trial of Internet ONAIR on our flights. SITAONAIR brings a respected level of service and expertise to the table, and we look forward to reaping the benefits of this partnership.”

David Lavorel, SITAONAIR CEO, added: “It is an honour for SITAONAIR to be chosen by Air Caraïbes and French Blue to finally deliver the reality of high-speed inflight broadband connectivity on their A330 and A350 aircraft.

“Of course, we know that enabling GX Aviation on these airlines will be a huge step in itself. Establishing our key Internet ONAIR service on board will take this even further.

“With us, Groupe Dubreuil will be equipped to harness the true value of inflight connectivity to meet the demands of the modern connected traveller and boost passenger and crew experience, operational efficiencies, and even ancillary revenues.”

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