Gogo boosts Ku-band inflight connectivity capacity with SES

Gogo President and CEO Michael Small, who has signed a new deal with SES.
Gogo President and CEO Michael Small.

SES says Gogo has signed a new capacity deal to enhance inflight connectivity services on key air travel routes over North America and the Pacific Ocean.

As part of the new agreement, Gogo has leased all available capacity on SES’s AMC-4 satellite, which SES will move to a new orbital location to serve flights to, from and within the states of Alaska and Hawaii, flights along the west coast of the US and flights over the Pacific Ocean.

Michael Small, President and CEO at Gogo, said: “One of the great benefits of the Ku-band ecosystem is the on-demand flexibility it offers us.

“Gogo’s scale and the scale of our satellite providers, with dozens of satellites in orbit, puts us in a unique position to deploy industry-leading capacity to any area of the globe.

“We’re also unique in that the capacity we are deploying is dedicated to the aero market and not shared with ground subscribers, maritime or other markets.

“SES has a global fleet of more than 50 GEO satellites in orbit, and will be launching five more satellites this year, three of which have massive throughput payloads.

“It is one of the global operators who can quickly and effectively move existing assets and scale up across regions and routes where connectivity demand is on the rise.”

Elias Zaccack, Senior Vice President of the Americas Region and Mobility Solutions at SES, said: “This robust global network of scalable, flexible satellite capacity enables SES to stay ahead of the ever-growing demands and requirements of the aero industry.

“With the recent launch of the SES-10 satellite, SES will place AMC-4 in an orbital slot to meet the growing demand for Gogo’s inflight connectivity services and allow us to further expand our alliance.”

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