Honeywell to showcase connected aircraft solutions at AIX

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Honeywell's Boeing 757 test aircraft, equipped with GX Aviation's JetWave, at its Phoenix base. Honeywell will be at AIX
Honeywell’s Boeing 757 test aircraft, equipped with GX Aviation’s JetWave, at its Phoenix base.

Honeywell will be at the Aircraft Interiors Expo – AIX – in Hamburg from Tuesday to showcase how connectivity impacts the aerospace industry, beyond passengers and the cabin.

With more than 100 years’ experience providing satellite communications, mechanics, engines, cockpit technology and more to the aerospace industry, Honeywell says it is well-positioned to lead the aerospace industry’s connected aircraft evolution.

Speaking in advance of AIX, Kristin Slyker, Vice President, Connected Aircraft, Honeywell Aerospace, said: “The aerospace industry is going through a monumental shift right now. Access to high-speed connectivity brought a revolution for passengers and their experience on a plane, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“At Honeywell, we know the ultimate impact from connectivity will be felt beyond the cabin, unlocking critical data like weather information, engine usage, maintenance reporting and more that can be better shared and analysed to help airlines improve efficiency and reduce costs.”

Honeywell says it provides and is working on a unique suite of connected aircraft solutions for airlines, business jets, militaries, helicopters and enthusiast owners that spans satellite components and equipment to software and services.

Honeywell GoDirect at AIX

New technologies such as Honeywell’s GoDirect Weather Information Service with real-time weather updates, connected flight management systems, and other connected services deliver increased flight efficiency and improved flight planning while providing pilots with expanded situational awareness for better decision-making.

It says the GoDirect Weather Information Service may save airlines from $25,000 to $100,000 per aircraft annually through avoiding hazardous conditions, reducing delays and diversions, lowering anti-ice usage, and decreasing maintenance costs and downtime.

Before the aircraft lands, maintainers will be able to identify components that will require maintenance or replacement — and ensure spare parts are available and ready for installation when it touches down.

Honeywell is improving predictive analysis by wirelessly connecting more mechanical systems. For example, capturing and analysing aircraft data on usage and wear will enable the connected auxiliary power units, environmental control systems, and wheels and brakes to be inspected more efficiently, undergo more rapid and streamlined maintenance processes, and realise lower costs.

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Passengers can also now benefit from global, high-speed inflight Wi-Fi.

Enabled by the Honeywell JetWave satellite communications system, Inmarsat’s GX Aviation Ka-band service allows passengers to use their mobile devices while flying over land or oceans with speeds equivalent to their home and office.

With 500 deliveries to date and nearly 1,000 coming, Honeywell says JetWave is taking in-flight Wi-Fi into the next generation.

It says airlines can now improve operational efficiency as a result of better access to data.

The company says real-time flight planning services help reduce flight time by up to five percent while decreasing delays.

Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software collects data from airline IT systems to provide data analysis and reporting, identify operational savings opportunities, optimise fuel usage with as much as five percent annual fuel savings, and drive reduced emissions.

Honeywell says the connected aircraft delivers safer, faster and more comfortable flights for passengers; reduces workload for pilots and maintainers; and reduces costs and increases ease of ownership for airlines.

Honeywell experts will be available at AIX booth #2E78 Tuesday to Thursday.

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