Kontron launches software to protect cabin Wi-Fi security

Kontron's RJ McLaren and the Cab-n-Connect A100.
Kontron’s RJ McLaren and the Cab-n-Connect A100.

Kontron has launched its AirDefense advanced wireless security software package, specifically targeted towards the inflight connectivity market.

The AirDefense software runs in conjunction with the Kontron Cab-n-Connect A100 cabin wireless access point (CWAP), which received FAA PMA flight approval in September 2016.

The A100 CWAP supports the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, and delivers next-generation HD video streaming to high-density cabin environments.

Kontron’s partner for the Extreme AirDefense software is Extreme Networks, who is a leader in end-to-end software-driven networking and security solutions.

Security threats to devices using airline cabin Wi-Fi include client-to-client data theft, client-to-server data theft, unauthorised system access and denial of service attacks.

Kontron’s Cab-n-Connect A100 CWAP combined with Extreme Networks’ AirDefense software and ExtremeWireless WiNG operating system delivers a multi-layered security suite, complete with proactive monitoring and threat prevention.

Additional features include rogue detection, intrusion prevention, active countermeasures and forensic analysis.

RJ McLaren, Kantron’s Avionics Product Manager, said: “Extreme AirDefense software is part of a toolbox of wireless security solutions for on-board IFE&C systems that Kontron can bring to the aircraft.

“Along with the software, Kontron is offering a service package that provides ongoing updates to counter the evolving set of threats that can be anticipated.”

Kontron says it is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of avionics products for the rapidly growing inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) market.

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