Qatar Airways confirms Inmarsat GX Aviation across fleet

A Qatar Airways Airbus A350. Image: Airbus.
A Qatar Airways Airbus A350. Image: Airbus.

Qatar Airways has today announced its intention to install Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) Aviation across its flagship fleet.

This will make Qatar the first Middle Eastern airline to select GX Aviation’s inflight connectivity solution. The company has said that the service will be available to passengers on board more than 130 of its aircraft.

As reported by “Get Connected”, GX technology has already been equipped on a line-fit basis on selected Qatar Airways Airbus A350s. So it was just a matter of time before this official announcement.

Installations on the airline’s remaining Airbus A350s, together with the Boeing 777s, are planned to commence on a retrofit basis this Summer.

Back in March 2016 Thales announced that that the company was working on an Inmarsat GX inflight connectivity contract on the Airbus A350 for both Singapore and Qatar.

At the announcement, then Thales InFlyt Experience CEO Glenn Latta told “Get Connected” that it expected the first deliveries of Qatar’s line-fit GX-equipped A350s later that year.

We are the only GX line-fit solution on the A350 platform,” Latta said. “This was a huge win for us and an exceptional opportunity for us to work with a top brand in the aviation space.

If an airline picks GX on the A350, they have to pick Thales,” Latta said.

At the 2017 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg earlier this month Inmarsat Aviation President Leo Mondale said that GX is now running on more than 60 aircraft in the Lufthansa family, including Eurowings and Austrian Airlines, and it is beginning to get meaningful data on how passengers are using it.

It’s a huge pleasure to get some of our milestones behind us,” Mondale said. “You’ll now see us doing very well. We’re in a market that is like selling candy to a baby.”

He added: “The fact we have more than 1,000 aircraft in backlog at this point is an incredible milestone, given that GX Aviation only went live a few months ago.”

In time, the GX-equipped Lufthansa aircraft will be joined by others from Singapore, Norwegian, Air Astana, Air New Zealand, and AirAsia as rollouts progress.

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