SITAONAIR to deliver first with inflight mobile 3.5G connectivity

Mobile phone being used in flight via SITAONAIR connectivity.
A passenger using a mobile phone in flight.

SITAONAIR is to deploy inflight 3.5G mobile network services over Inmarsat’s GX Aviation high-speed broadband satellite connectivity.

Enhanced 3.5G capabilities will be available to all airlines through SITAONAIR’s popular Mobile ONAIR application by the end of 2017.

SITAONAIR says there is an insatiable hunger for inflight cellular connectivity, with 19 million passengers opting to connect to its inflight mobile services last year.

It says this new technology will provide passengers and crew with high-speed, seamless connectivity, similar to the home experience.

In addition, SITAONAIR has established a wide-ranging deal with worldwide mobile operators to give passengers stress-free data bundles, simplifying billing through unlimited data usage and capped costs.

It will also provide a potential opportunity for airlines to boost ancillary revenues through providing access to different revenue streams by monetizing the cellular service.

Francois-Xavier Mateo, SITAONAIR’s Head of Cabin, said: “SITAONAIR is the very first in the industry to be introducing future-proof inflight cellular technologies over GX Aviation.

“This announcement is a significant and exciting development for inflight mobile services.

“In 2016, an impressive 19 million airline passengers chose to connect to SITAONAIR’s inflight cellular network. By December this year, Mobile ONAIR will be delivering its enhanced broadband-based mobile experience for airline passengers.”

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