Dassault simplifies inflight mobile phone calls with FalconTalk

Dassault Falcon 7X
Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault Aviation has introduced a new in-flight phone application that it says greatly helps passengers use their smartphones on board Falcon aircraft.

Available through the Apple and Google Stores, and compatible with all Falcons equipped with Voice Over IP Protocol (VoIP) via a satcom system, the new app, known as FalconTalk, is simple to configure and operates independently of SIM cards, using the aircraft’s phone number.

Olivier Villa, Executive Vice President Civil Aircraft at Dassault Aviation, said: “Customer demand for more user friendly and efficient connectivity is growing exponentially, and we’re continuously investing to meet that demand.

“FalconTalk is the latest example of this ongoing effort.”

The first of a series of new solutions intended to simplify life on board for Falcon passengers, the new phone app features an easy-to-use interface that seamlessly delivers high-quality airborne voice calls.

It not only lets passengers use their own device in-flight, but Dassault says it allows them to readily access their contact list, too.

Once the app is downloaded and connected to the aircraft Wi-Fi, all the user has to do is select the relevant profile (VIP, guest or pilot) upon first use, type in an extension from the list and enter a user name.

The service then takes over, automatically managing all connections to SATCOM operators (Satcom Direct, ARINCDirect or Inmarsat Networks).

The app is available for the Falcon 2000 and 900 EASy series, Falcon 7X and 8X.

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