EBACE: Honeywell’s GoDirect offers connectivity control

Aircraft in the static park at Ebace.
Aircraft in the static park at Ebace.

Honeywell says it is making it easier for business operators to manage their cabin connectivity usage, billing and troubleshooting with updates to its GoDirect Cabin Connectivity suite.

The updates allow business jet operators to control network services on the aircraft in real time by setting timers for online streaming.

It says users can also access Honeywell’s Aspire and JetWave hardware to define technical issues on a broader range of satellite communication products to deliver greater efficiency.

JetWave is the brand name for the Honeywell hardware used for Inmarsat’s Ka-band Jet ConneX service.

Updates to the GoDirect Cabin Connectivity services provide business aviation operators with the tools to save time and reduce costs, with more control of the aircraft cabin.

Honeywell says reliable high-speed connectivity is a growing necessity for business aircraft owners, operators and passengers who use mobile devices to be more productive in the air.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to provide fast and consistent in-flight Wi-Fi while managing overall costs.

Honeywell’s GoDirect Cabin Connectivity consists of cabin connectivity and connectivity management services that put business jet owners and operators in control of satellite communication services, network troubleshooting, access, data, consumption and billing while reducing the need for third-party service support.

The company says the software streamlines service management for the business aviation market, giving owners and operators greater control of network services and easy access to hardware for troubleshooting.

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