Gogo 2Ku connectivity exceeds 100Mbps during press flight

Gogo's "Jimmy Ray" B-737 test aircraft used for the 2Ku tests.
Gogo’s “Jimmy Ray” B-737 test aircraft.

Gogo has unveiled its next-generation 2Ku in-flight Wi-Fi technology during two demonstration flights out of Newark International airport in the U.S.

The two flights took place on the “Jimmy Ray”, Gogo’s Boeing 737-500 flying test lab.

The aircraft has been equipped with its newest 2Ku modem by Gilat, and connected to High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology from Intelsat’s Epic 29e satellite via its ThinkCom antenna.

Testing by passengers varied from speed tests to streaming Netflix movies and streaming live video to Facebook and Twitter. With two or three devices each the aircraft had more than 50 devices online.

Caitlin McGarry from “Macworld” reported: “The max upload speed [I saw] was eight Mbps”  On download she says she hit 53 Mbps, which she described as “pretty solid”.

“We used a total of 29GB in our roughly two-hour flight,” she said.

Seth Miller of “Runway Girl Network” wrote: “Analysts and media were treated to what was lauded as the highest speeds delivered to a commercial aircraft in the sky, besting the 100 Mbps threshold across multiple tests.”

Gogo 2Ku

Gogo's speed test showed 2Ku exceeded 100Mbps.
Gogo’s speed test showed 2Ku exceeded 100Mbps.

Gogo added: “On our flight back to our home airport, we performed one final 2Ku speed test, delivering what could be the fastest speed ever seen on a commercial aviation Wi-Fi system.”

Its screen grab from a speed test app showed 112.67 Mbps.

Gogo added: “We are still in the beginning stages of testing this technology. In fact, we have only flown on this satellite three times.

“However, based off the results we’re seeing in flight tests, we are extremely excited to show it off to the media during our demonstration flight.

“We continue to improve on these metrics, and our new modem and HTS satellite coverage will take this to another level.

“It’s too early for us to say what a passenger will experience in terms of speeds to their device other than it will improve significantly from 15 Mbps.”

It is also aiming for 98%+ plus availability for 2Ku and 98%+ coverage of all global flight hours.

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